Friday, August 29, 2014

August 29, 2014 MTC

Hey so where do I start for this week? Well the language is hard and I am like super confused sometimes... I feel like I am the slowest one ughhh it gets frustrating. But it’s okay. I can do it. Well first off I learned some things about the field. hahaha... well I will honestly learn probably 4 languages. Like they speak multiple ones so when you get down there you just "learn" them. Who does the Lord think I am? Ha this is insane! I can't even speak one. But I think the Lord is truly trying to humble me. So I am trying to embrace it! There are definately days that have been hard where it makes me think about home, but I just keep praying and remembering that this is what the Lord wants me to do and what I want to do. Second so there are cannibals who try to eat white people like no joke. Legit I guess my island is like the "scarriest" to all the other people of the Philippines. They also have what they call witches who like worship spirits and stuff so I guess in the next week we will be learning how to cast out devils and stuff through the priesthood because I guess there is a high possibility that we will come across that. Kind of scary... but I also learned that there is also a high possibility that I will be able to baptize in the ocean or river. The language doesn’t have spelling so its how it sounds is how it’s spelled. So part of me is just so pumped to get there but the other part is scared because everyone has just said that the first three months are really,really hard. Because you have NO clue what’s going on, and there is a very high possibility I will have a native companion who doesn't speak any English at all. So I may be struggling, but its okay! It's weird how fast the time is going like the weeks seem to fly! However the days seem FOREVER. We also will be getting 36 more missionaries this Wednesday to add to our 46 we already have... that’s going to be fun and super busy to help them all feel welcome! Anyways that’s about it this week so far! The package was amazing! We drank the apple cider and did a toast with the district to celebrate HUMP DAY!! Thank you so much also I want to hear from the kids have them write me!:) Love you so much have a great week!!

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