Friday, August 15, 2014

Second MTC email. August 15, 2014

Everyone, Okay so where do I begin? This week has been ten times better than last week. Honestly the first two days were so hard, but I made it to Sunday and we had some amazing devotionals. We had a lesson on coming to know God and how some never come to know him, it was amazing! Then they had the convert missionaries stand up and a couple shared their experiences it was really good. We also watched "Character of Christ" by Elder Bednar it was unreal, go watch it. We have taught 4 lessons in Illongo and they are getting a little better, we cannot use notes so it’s just a little hard. The language is kind of coming...not really, but we study all day long literally all day long and eat that’s it. I’ve gained 8 pounds... I’m getting fat and the food makes my stomach go crazy.... haha but whatever. We play soccer every P day so it helps me get some steam and energy off. Honestly letters and packages are like gold I love them soooo much thank you for all the ones I’ve received, there are letters coming give me some time haha. My comp and I are working really well together everyone says we are the best teachers, but it’s weird in a way, I am actually enjoying this. Oh I learned that we fly a little 4 -6 person plane to our island so that will be a little interesting... I also gave my comp a blessing and he gave me one which was a really cool experience. But I am doing well know that I love hearing from you all. Pictures should be here next week they won’t let me download them... but I love you guys so so much.
MUCH LOVE Elder Cuillard

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