Friday, August 22, 2014

Third MTC Letter- Zone Leader! Aug 22 2014

On Fri, Aug 22, 2014 
Hey so well where do I even begin with this week. First off we got called to be zone leaders Elder Wardle and I and Its been seriously crazy watching out for 60 elders is kickin my butt but i love them so it makes it all worth it. Oh so also sunday through wednesday I got pretty sick and was feeling awful so my district all stood in and gave me a blessing it was amazing. But i am feeling a ton better. The language on the other had is so hard literally all I do is study then and plan lessons for investigators, but its SLOWLY coming. My comp is like webster. He hears it once and remembers it. I am like really? but its okay i am probably given this blessing to learn patience. As you are aware that would not be one of my strengths, but its okay its really helped me rely 100% on the Lord to help me. What else... sooo we had a devotional on tues and after had a district meeting where we shared our testimonys and i shared how we all made sacred covanants with people that we would live in a way that we could find and teach them. Yeah it was a cry fest, but a really good one. So my disitrict and zone are amazing elders and sisters they are such good examples to me and I love them all. There is also an Elder Seeds who has Teretts idk how to spell that but hes in my district and I love him he is the happiest kid alive and it just makes me think seriously how blessed I am to be here. I have been given so much and wow to be worried about myself is just sad ya know. But also i would like to thank you all for the letters and dear elders they litterally make my day ten times better knowing you are all doing well and dad your scriptures and all that really help me. Thank you dad for the chips and queso oh my I am loving it so much. well the pictures made my dad. they honestly made me so happy! Seeing Ian's face with is cast on I litterally was laughing! He looks to happy to have that cast on. So I am super glad you go to go through with Hunter this week I am goinng to try to host him.! Because seriously its going to be hard and he needs some love:) but honestly its so weird not being at school because it literally feels like I am in a constant school like wow highschool was a piece of cake. And it made me feel like I was just coming to school when Denise handed me my name tag. hahah so other than that nothing else has really changed So on my plaque please put Ether 12:27! 
For the zone leaders we just go to leadership training meetings and all that stuff.  We show the new guys around and keep everything running smoothly while the branch prez isnt here. So its kinda a lot..   Anyways I have like zero time today. I am trying to send some pictures but thank you for the prayers and letters and packages I LOVE them they are seriously so amazing. Thank you thank you:)
Elder Cuillard

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