Friday, August 29, 2014

August 29, 2014 MTC

Hey so where do I start for this week? Well the language is hard and I am like super confused sometimes... I feel like I am the slowest one ughhh it gets frustrating. But it’s okay. I can do it. Well first off I learned some things about the field. hahaha... well I will honestly learn probably 4 languages. Like they speak multiple ones so when you get down there you just "learn" them. Who does the Lord think I am? Ha this is insane! I can't even speak one. But I think the Lord is truly trying to humble me. So I am trying to embrace it! There are definately days that have been hard where it makes me think about home, but I just keep praying and remembering that this is what the Lord wants me to do and what I want to do. Second so there are cannibals who try to eat white people like no joke. Legit I guess my island is like the "scarriest" to all the other people of the Philippines. They also have what they call witches who like worship spirits and stuff so I guess in the next week we will be learning how to cast out devils and stuff through the priesthood because I guess there is a high possibility that we will come across that. Kind of scary... but I also learned that there is also a high possibility that I will be able to baptize in the ocean or river. The language doesn’t have spelling so its how it sounds is how it’s spelled. So part of me is just so pumped to get there but the other part is scared because everyone has just said that the first three months are really,really hard. Because you have NO clue what’s going on, and there is a very high possibility I will have a native companion who doesn't speak any English at all. So I may be struggling, but its okay! It's weird how fast the time is going like the weeks seem to fly! However the days seem FOREVER. We also will be getting 36 more missionaries this Wednesday to add to our 46 we already have... that’s going to be fun and super busy to help them all feel welcome! Anyways that’s about it this week so far! The package was amazing! We drank the apple cider and did a toast with the district to celebrate HUMP DAY!! Thank you so much also I want to hear from the kids have them write me!:) Love you so much have a great week!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hand Written Letter August 25 2014 MTC

Hey so how are things? Things were really great last night (Sunday) Elder Steven B Allen spoke in our devotional. He spoke on how the adversary effects and tempts missionaries. He talked about how we will suffer affliction but we need to endure. It was awesome! It pumped me up! I was like I can’t wait to get to the Philippines. I just want to get there and help the people! So I have been super busy honestly I have been working on the language all the time and have been reading the Libro ni Mormon because it is so hard to read. Also I’m a little afraid I might forget English. HA really though! But my zone is doing well. So here is what I do…during the week we meet with the DL to discuss how the districts are doing. We have all the responsibility to make sure everyone is asleep and awake so we are the last up and the first ones awake. We teach Priesthood on Sunday, prepare talks as well in case the assigned people forget. We also attend training meetings like 2 times a week and on Sundays run Branch Council and meet with the Branch Pres. That’s about it I think and then just study, study, study! Oh and I am also in the choir so we practice that on Sunday and Tuesday and then sing in the Tuesday night devotionals. Its awesome! I get to host on Wednesday and I get to usher at the devotionals on Tuesdays. Well I am doing Great! I love you all.

Elder Cuillard

Friday, August 22, 2014

Third MTC Letter- Zone Leader! Aug 22 2014

On Fri, Aug 22, 2014 
Hey so well where do I even begin with this week. First off we got called to be zone leaders Elder Wardle and I and Its been seriously crazy watching out for 60 elders is kickin my butt but i love them so it makes it all worth it. Oh so also sunday through wednesday I got pretty sick and was feeling awful so my district all stood in and gave me a blessing it was amazing. But i am feeling a ton better. The language on the other had is so hard literally all I do is study then and plan lessons for investigators, but its SLOWLY coming. My comp is like webster. He hears it once and remembers it. I am like really? but its okay i am probably given this blessing to learn patience. As you are aware that would not be one of my strengths, but its okay its really helped me rely 100% on the Lord to help me. What else... sooo we had a devotional on tues and after had a district meeting where we shared our testimonys and i shared how we all made sacred covanants with people that we would live in a way that we could find and teach them. Yeah it was a cry fest, but a really good one. So my disitrict and zone are amazing elders and sisters they are such good examples to me and I love them all. There is also an Elder Seeds who has Teretts idk how to spell that but hes in my district and I love him he is the happiest kid alive and it just makes me think seriously how blessed I am to be here. I have been given so much and wow to be worried about myself is just sad ya know. But also i would like to thank you all for the letters and dear elders they litterally make my day ten times better knowing you are all doing well and dad your scriptures and all that really help me. Thank you dad for the chips and queso oh my I am loving it so much. well the pictures made my dad. they honestly made me so happy! Seeing Ian's face with is cast on I litterally was laughing! He looks to happy to have that cast on. So I am super glad you go to go through with Hunter this week I am goinng to try to host him.! Because seriously its going to be hard and he needs some love:) but honestly its so weird not being at school because it literally feels like I am in a constant school like wow highschool was a piece of cake. And it made me feel like I was just coming to school when Denise handed me my name tag. hahah so other than that nothing else has really changed So on my plaque please put Ether 12:27! 
For the zone leaders we just go to leadership training meetings and all that stuff.  We show the new guys around and keep everything running smoothly while the branch prez isnt here. So its kinda a lot..   Anyways I have like zero time today. I am trying to send some pictures but thank you for the prayers and letters and packages I LOVE them they are seriously so amazing. Thank you thank you:)
Elder Cuillard

Thursday, August 21, 2014

We got a written letter from Elder Cuillard earlier in the week...See below!
August 16, 2014
Hey! So I just wanted to let you know I am doing well. I honestly feel like I am understanding my purpose as a missionary. I think its kicked in a lot the last couple days. Not saying this is easy because it’s the hardest thing I have ever done. Especially emotionally. But I am feeling like God is truly holding me. Even though this place is so hard for me knowing I’m so close to home and all. I have realized the blessings of exact obedience. I can say it’s hard but so worth it. I don't even chew gum and I love gum. But my branch president asked us not to so I don’t. Also no music in the classroom is hard. Well, I will be honest, the language is HARD! But I am studying so much by the end of the day I am SO tired. I miss naps SO MUCH! But its ok I will live. I just wanted to write because emailing was crazy this week. I had 38 emails. I didn't even write back or read half of them. Seriously thank you for everything you have done for me. You don't know how grateful I am. I love you and miss you but I know our family will be blessed for it. I just hope you guys remember to read your scriptures. It has been a huge blessing. I know more doctrine than most of the missionaries. Well, I am doing well, don’t be too worried about me. I am in Gods hands.
Aug 17, 2014
Its Sunday now. I wrote the last part Saturday night. So here is some news for you all. My comp and I just got called to be Zone Leader. Not this Wed but next Wednesday. We will be receiving 4-5 new districts so around 40 new districts in our zone will be here, around 75 elders in our zone for a week or so then 3 districts will leave. But woah that's crazy. We got called in this morning and have already taught 2 lessons and have had meetings all day long. But I just got done and we had to eat in 20 min. then go to a leadership training meeting. So Dad and Mom feel free to give me any advice, I could use it. But I am excited, I was like wait what? I have only been here 10 days that's it. But its just making me want to be better. I like already just want to serve them. Seriously the Lord is crazy how he works. I am going to need to work 100 times harder to make sure all runs smoothly. I prayed today and I just cant wait! Our zone is going to baptize and convert the whole island of the Philippines. It reminds me of the stripling warriors everyone is just so AMAZING. Everyone says they look up to my comp and I but I just don’t know why. I feel like in a way really inadequate. But I will jut rely on the Savior/Spirit. Because that's all I got. I love you guys yo are amazing.Send my love to the family!

Elder Cuillard

Friday, August 15, 2014

Second MTC email. August 15, 2014

Everyone, Okay so where do I begin? This week has been ten times better than last week. Honestly the first two days were so hard, but I made it to Sunday and we had some amazing devotionals. We had a lesson on coming to know God and how some never come to know him, it was amazing! Then they had the convert missionaries stand up and a couple shared their experiences it was really good. We also watched "Character of Christ" by Elder Bednar it was unreal, go watch it. We have taught 4 lessons in Illongo and they are getting a little better, we cannot use notes so it’s just a little hard. The language is kind of coming...not really, but we study all day long literally all day long and eat that’s it. I’ve gained 8 pounds... I’m getting fat and the food makes my stomach go crazy.... haha but whatever. We play soccer every P day so it helps me get some steam and energy off. Honestly letters and packages are like gold I love them soooo much thank you for all the ones I’ve received, there are letters coming give me some time haha. My comp and I are working really well together everyone says we are the best teachers, but it’s weird in a way, I am actually enjoying this. Oh I learned that we fly a little 4 -6 person plane to our island so that will be a little interesting... I also gave my comp a blessing and he gave me one which was a really cool experience. But I am doing well know that I love hearing from you all. Pictures should be here next week they won’t let me download them... but I love you guys so so much.
MUCH LOVE Elder Cuillard

Sunday, August 10, 2014

First MTC Letter! August 8, 2014

It's been my first week here at the MTC. The first day was really rough. We went straight to class and I maybe heard 2 sentences in English the whole class. I was just thinking wow….I don't know what I have gotten myself into. My comp is Elder Wardle, he is a great guy. It's weird how you can be here only three days and become so close to someone. I have learned that in these last couple days, the power of prayer in our lives. The times I feel lonely or just confused I have just dropped to my knees and prayed. One thing that I have learned also, is that to be a good servant of the Lord you need to be humble. I have been blessed with so much in my life and I think that one thing I need to learn is that they are not always necessary. The Lord doesn't care what you have, it's about your faith. I know that while I am here the Lord is watching out for my family and friends. That's been the hardest part, is leaving them. I love you all so much. All I ask is keep me in your prayers! I got to go to the temple this morning and honestly that is what I needed. There is no better place to be to feel the spirit. My testimony is that as you humble yourselves and focus more on Christ he will bless us. I feel that everyone says that, but these last three days have slapped me right in the face and I know it's what I need to become a better missionary. I love you all and thank you for your prayers in my behalf.
Elder Cuillard