Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hand Written Letter August 25 2014 MTC

Hey so how are things? Things were really great last night (Sunday) Elder Steven B Allen spoke in our devotional. He spoke on how the adversary effects and tempts missionaries. He talked about how we will suffer affliction but we need to endure. It was awesome! It pumped me up! I was like I can’t wait to get to the Philippines. I just want to get there and help the people! So I have been super busy honestly I have been working on the language all the time and have been reading the Libro ni Mormon because it is so hard to read. Also I’m a little afraid I might forget English. HA really though! But my zone is doing well. So here is what I do…during the week we meet with the DL to discuss how the districts are doing. We have all the responsibility to make sure everyone is asleep and awake so we are the last up and the first ones awake. We teach Priesthood on Sunday, prepare talks as well in case the assigned people forget. We also attend training meetings like 2 times a week and on Sundays run Branch Council and meet with the Branch Pres. That’s about it I think and then just study, study, study! Oh and I am also in the choir so we practice that on Sunday and Tuesday and then sing in the Tuesday night devotionals. Its awesome! I get to host on Wednesday and I get to usher at the devotionals on Tuesdays. Well I am doing Great! I love you all.

Elder Cuillard

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