Monday, April 6, 2015

April 5 2015

Well this week was good with regards to working with other missionaries and with hours but the work its self wasn’t great. I still am having a hard time understanding and sometimes I feel like I’m never going to get this thing. But lets see this week on Tuesday we went on splits and it was good the elder I was going on splits drove me nuts he is 23 and kept picking up sticks and was like asking me to sword fight and I was like elder how old are you? haha Then we go to get lunch right and there is like this fish tank thing and he puts his face up to it and is like making fish faces and trying to get the fish to follow his face I was like dude sit down. Ha! So that was good but we taught some good lessons I felt comfortable because it was straight karia like my last area. Then we had a meeting the next morning with the stake president and his councilors that was cool he told us we were way prepared and presented the information really well. Our job is to find out all the strengths and the weaknesses of each branch or ward or group and report that. He told us he wants to focus on strengthening the units we have, so we prayed about it on the way home then that night I called every companionship in the zone and told them that they now need to spend every Wednesday with the elders quorum and go visit less actives. Also we have seen great success these last couple weeks. The highest number of baptisms in a month for this zone is 8 in the last year we already have 5 and the goal is 10 we still have three weeks for that so I’m glad to see that happening. Then the next day we rode an hour and a half on a stupid jeepney… not a fan of those things they are made for those little people from willy wonka! We also did comp study with the elders that needed some help it was a surprise visit and so Tuesday we will be going on splits again. Well we have a baptism planned for April 18 and I’m way excited we should have 2 but one might be moving so we don’t know, but that was my week!!
I love you guys!

Love Elder Cuillard

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