Monday, April 20, 2015

April 19, 2015

Hey Family and Friends,
Well first I would love to thank all those who fasted for me today I am so grateful for you all. I talked to my mission pres. about my back and he took me to some gypsy guy and he like felt me and like did some pushing and stuff and it made it hurt so bad later. I am supposed to go back to him tonight but no way! HA! This week consisted of a lot of travel again and not very many lessons. But we had to travel to the farthest area on Wednesday and give a baptismal interview. We also had a meeting with the stake president where I introduced my new idea to help with retention. My idea was that every Wednesday there be an assigned Elders quorum member to work with us and other missionaries and have a 15 min tutorial how to teach a lesson. Then go and visit less actives to help them feel like they have friends and people who care about them. This will help the Elders Quorum members feel less timid to teach and home teach. The problem is most people here just have no idea how to teach or what to do during home teaching so I am trying to help that. That’s a major issue here is the members don’t know how to teach. The stake president said he loved the idea he actually came to our branch and spoke about it and actually made a whole sheet for it. He distributed them to everyone without me even knowing hahah :)

Yesterday we also had a baptism for our investigator Joy Acap it was really good. She actually asked me to baptize her but I asked if my comp would because I am trying to help the tension. I think it helped a little bit. I have been doing little things for him hopefully he will notice. Ha!  We will see. I had a really good lesson the other day with another investigator he's being baptized this week or next. He was gay and has totally switched it's been awesome to see that. We started teaching him like my 2nd week here. And to see the differences is just awesome. 
My advice for the week is that God loves us! Remember that. Remember that if someone ticks you off or maybe you don't see eye to eye the Lord loves that person the same as you so do your best to remember that. I know our Savior lives and its because of him we can have the privileges of eternal life. Have a great week!
Love Elder Cuillard

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