Monday, April 27, 2015

April 26 2015

Well hello family and friends. I wanted to just share my week with you and some of the experinces and impressions I felt this week. This week we had missionary leadership training for two days where we accounted for the last month in which we reached our goal for a lot of things. Our numbers increased in every aspect of the work for the last month which made me really happy. The next day we had a training about time and our how special it is. And it’s all about what we do with the time that we do have here. Not just here on the mission but in our lives. As I have time to contemplate my life from before to now to what I want to become, I have started to honestly realize the importance of time and how I need to try my best to love the time that I do have. Then we heard a training from Pres. Aquino on the Book of Mormon, which was really good.  He has challenged us to give them away everyday which we have been doing. The other privilege I had this week was to be the first one to work in a brand new area called Gimbal. It’s being opened this week. And it was rough but we found a family there that I think has been prepared. The truth is like I can speak the language but I’m not fluent. It's like I can not fully express myself by any means and its sometimes hard. I feel a promting and want to share it and I can’t and sometimes I’m like why in the world ha. But that was good. We also taught our investigator named April who is a boy. And he is going to be baptised this week I’m way pumped for him. He’s like my favorite to teach. But we dropped a ton this week and this week will be focused on finding. In closing I just want to share my testimony with you all that I know that this church is true. With every ounce of my heart. Even though I don’t understand a lot of things about my mission about my situation here right now I know God’s plan is perfect and I want to please him. I know that we have a living prophet and he guides us through the power of revelation. I love our Savior and I know he lives! His atonement is real. it changes us if we let it. I hope you all have a great week! 
Love, Elder Cuillard

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