Monday, May 4, 2015

May 3 2015

Well this week was a great week we were really busy working but I loved it. Sometimes I realize how great the lord really is… and I realize that at some times more than others but I have been trying to have the best attitude about any of the situations that we are in. This week we started off with a Family night at the former branch pres. house and it was really fun and good. We gave a lesson on having a sure foundation and what that means to us if we center our lives on the Savior it doesn’t mean the winds won’t come and that the rains won’t pour on us, but it means we won’t be moved. I love that the gospel just so true, we can’t be moved if we have a sure foundation. Then Tuesday we went to guimbal the opening area with elder ananga from kittabus, I have never laughed so hard in my life, that kid is SO FUNNY. haha We found this family of about 20 and they all have been waiting to find the gospel I guess the grandma had heard the missionaries forever ago and was waiting for the church to start there so she is like my whole family is going to be baptized… I was like WHAT! :) that never happens but I’m not complaining. Yeah so we were tracting and elder and I said our plan is not to teach one lesson but to go tract and build trust with people. So that’s what we did we tracted like a whole area. Then after a while we ran into this nyny (grandma) who was doing laundry so we stopped and said hey we are going to help you and so we started to and she says what wait your missionaries and we said yes and she said come in come in so we did and there were 5 houses so she called them all over and said hey come listen to the missionaries. So we taught about faith, repentance and baptism and endure to the end and she said that’s what we are going to do, when does church open up here so we will come every Sunday and I was like ha WHAT? hahah I was like heck yes you can so we didn’t do anything but talk to her, the lord had prepared her and her family!
Its also starting rainy season thank the heavens its been so blasted hot I thought I was about to die, but now its cooling down. This week we focused on our baptismal candidate Brother April he was baptized on sat. It was way good I cried during his testimony, he also got kicked out of his family. And I was just so touched at the faith he has. But this week I noticed a lot of little miracles, we found this old lady and her husband this week and gave her a book of Mormon and she started crying and said thank you lord for remembering me I have been praying for this. I was also touched and told her that it was no accident and that I knew our savior knows her and loves her. But that’s about all for this week for news except I will be going later this week to manila to get an mri on my back and hopefully we will be able to figure this thing out but that’s about all, I love you and hope you all have a great week:) 

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