Monday, October 27, 2014

October 26, 2014

  Hi everyone! Not a ton happened but I had a really neat spiritual experience that I will hold close to me through my life. It was Wednesday, and we had just gotten up and finished p 90 x which im not going to lie is giving me a sweet looking 6 pack. No joke. But anyways, we finished our bucket showers and we had sat down to have personal study and I have been reading in the bible to places where it talks about the differences from us and Catholics. Everyone says we are all children of God and we all believe the same thing. They also believe that God is 1 being and can be in three places at once, so I have been reading about all that stuff to help enlighten our investigators.  So anyways, we get a call from the branch pres wife and she works at the hospital. It's not a hospital I  wouldnt EVER go there I don't care how sick I was!! They have about 4 people in each room and have a couple fans and it's just a TON of sick people with no money so they can't really be treated. But she said Elders can you run to the hospital real quick and come give a brother a blessing? So we went right away. We were honestly having a solid day like I was really enjoying it. We both were thinking it would be a little something ya know a flu or something. I've given so many blessings. They call us because no one else has olive oil. It is so expensive here and people cannot afford it. So we get to the hospital and the lady sister's friend is waiting for us because it's her husband. She seemed pretty shaken up but pinoys are kinda dramatic so I was like hmmm well we walk in the door and the man is lying there on his bed, his 12 year old daughter is bag valve ventilating him his eyes are rolled back and she says to him the elders are here to help you. We blessed him to arrive home with peace in his heart as he knows that the Savior loves him, we also blessed him not being a member to accept the sweet message of the atonement and to be at peace. We literally finished the blessing and he passed away. We walked out and then walked home which was WAY far away, but it seemed like nothing though. We didnt say one word, nor did one person say one word to us. No" hey joe" nothing and that never happens. It made me think about so much, how blessed I am to be here and how I have been given so much. How grateful I was that I was worthy!  Just everything! It was crazy cool and I haven't really ever felt the spirit speak to me like that. I literally felt whisperings in my ear. The craziest part about it is that I anointed, and I would feel to say something and Elder Schaffer said EXACTLY what I would have. Very Very sacred experience for me. 
  Well on the other side of things we had two baptisms this week it was AWESOME!  NyNy Valdarama which was just SOLID she is hilarious. She says I am not as gwapo as Elder Schaffer but I am his back up so its okay:) hahah it makes me laugh. Then a little boy who is part of a less active family but the mom always comes his name is Julious. He's a stud. We also got invited to a feista!  You literally walk into peoples homes and just eat the food. Like its weird but we had some good food and some weird stuff..... I don't know about what I ate but whatever right:) hahah My favorite is ADOBO it's vinegar, oil and soy sauce with pork and rice it's solid.  We met this crazy Ny(Grandma) that day who was the funniest lady I have ever met she is in the purple we walked in and start talking "oyyyy kamusta ny salamit gid sa abortunidad" and then get cut off and she goes I speak ENGLISH YOU IDIOT!  Not really good at all, but it was hilarious!  There was also a parade today and we were walking with our laundry to drop it off and more people looked at us because we are white. Perks of being white here. Literally everyone says "hey joe"  looks at you, and all the girls laugh so hard!  They also say "ohhhh gwapo sila" meaning they are hot! And my favorite is to turn and say "sino? sa akon? waay indi gwapo ko who? me? I'm not quapo" and they burst out laughing and get all red it's funny! But also I have learned what its like to be broke this week. I  have ate oats for like every meal both Schaffer because we wont eat canned sardines everyday. have to tell you what happened yesterday. It was a crazy spiritual experience.  We found out that one of the sisters who wasn't going to be baptized because she was having to feed her family and had to go harvest rice so that her kids could eat, but then decided not to work so she could be baptized. Elder Schaffer and I asked her to make us this treat and then payed for her to feed her family and that is one reason I am eating oats this week because we kinda ran out of money. Its not like a job its like they find a field and they get to keep the amount of rice that they harvest for the day. And Everyone needs rice so it goes way fast. And we traveled a ton for conference and stuff so we were WAY short on the funds so we are living off oats hahaha and this stuff called energin. HAHA so mom the package literally SAVED ME. Anyways that's about it I love you all have an awesome week!

Love, Elder Cuillard

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