Monday, November 10, 2014

November 9 2014

Well this week had been a crazy week! It started off really well actually the NyNy (Grandma) we baptized a couple weeks ago is on FIRE. She has recruited her whole entire family over for lessons. It has been awesome. I am way tight with their family. NyNy is like my little mom over here even though their family is the hardest for me to understand because they speak NO ILLONGO. So it’s straight up “Calinog Kariah” (their own language) it’s way hard, but I love them so much. Also I am way tight with two of the teenagers. One of them is JP he is starting his medical stuff for his mission next week, so we help each other because I am way good at teaching the lessons in English because my trainer is an absolute stud. Seriously knowing he is going home is going to be way hard for me. But I try learn as much as I can from him because he is the best white kid at everything both teaching and the language and we are like brothers no joke! But the cousins of the family we are teaching are way interested as well. The family’s name is the Valdarama. Then the other family is the Doronio family but their daughter has been in the hospital for a while now. She has been sick with a heart condition and they can’t go to Iloilo because they are way poor. We visit her about three to four times a week, she loves us. She used to be way shy but now she talks to us and enjoys our visits. We gave her a blessing and she ended up getting better for a week and told us it was because of us that she got better for a while. She’s got some crazy faith. So here is our plan. We have been teaching them about Joseph Smith the last little while. We will start the plan of salvation this week. I just hope their daughter gets better. I would be so sad if something happened.  She’s like one of my best friends here. Well we have a baptism this Saturday. It’s NyNy Valdaramas daughter. We have been working with her to get married. Her and her husband have one kid, he’s a stud but the husband wasn’t a fan of us at first and wouldn’t listen but Elder Schaffer and I executed a plan boomerang, meaning we would start by just little talk. He drives around and sells ice cream and its gross, but every time we see him we buy ice cream and talk. Then before we knew it he started to join a little but would make sure his cross on his neck was showing:) HA! It made me laugh! But he’s now taking the lessons but has some serious wow issues but we got this. But Jay Ay is the sister’s name. Also we got two more Elders this week so now there are four of us in Calinog at the moment. I am not the youngest any more:)!!!!!!! Hallelujah!! There is a new white kid, he is so shy and a little quiet but I’m breaking him. His comp is a NATIVE Illongo speaker which is nuts, so I told Elder Schaffer and him to speak Illongo all the time and they do, and Elder Silvano wants to learn English so we help each other and the new Elder. I have been helping him a ton. He’s had a few break downs and I’m like brother, I got you!!  HAHA! But he’s way nice, his name is Elder Wright he’s taller than I am so we have three guys over 6'3” in Calinog and one Pinoy (meaning native Filipino) and he’s a stud so we get “hey Joe” ten times more now. "Kanot" means American. So everyone says “Kanot Kanot” and then I answer back “sino sa akon? Indi pinoy ako?” which means, “No, I am a Fillipino” HAHA! But that is what they say here. But that’s about all this week. Here is my little inspiration I have felt this week. Forget yourself and become a “Pinoy”. Which is what I am trying to do.  I am literally trying to forget home and life before this and become the servant the Lord wants me to be. It’s still way hard but I am trying to become a man of God. I know he’s got our back if we keep pressing forward in faith. I love him and am just trying to trust him and recognize I need to be chopped back so I can grow the way he wants, not the way I want. I am grateful to be here and hope you all have a great week! 
Love Elder Cuillard

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