Monday, October 13, 2014

October 12, 2014

Hi!  So I’ll respond to your questions first... So Dad, yes, the catholic church is right around the corner -my house is like right by it. But I spaced taking a picture of it, my camera is at the house and we are 3 hours away we have been here this whole weekend because of conference. We had 10 investigators with us and the stake president came up to us and told us how impressed they are with us. Our branch may become a ward soon.
So I am sorry about pictures but we have to get on and do Facebook Wednesday so I’ll send some pictures then. We have transfers that are every six weeks. Mom we have water about half of the time but toilets don’t flush so you pour water in them then the shower doesn’t really work so bucket shower it is! My house had a mouse in our food. It was in our rice but it escaped and we ate the rice anyway! It’s still roaming our house somewhere.
My week was honestly a rough one... we worked our butts off and we lost an investigator. I was seriously so sad...  I ended up crying telling her how sorry I was because I felt like it was because maybe I didn’t convey the message right,  and I promised her an answer but she said she had a dream about the catholic church...I don’t know, it was just a rough day. Monday we had a FHE and we had dinner and I ate something bad and ended up blowing chunks for the night... that was awful!! I was like where is my mother? But I’m good now.  We teach about 30 lessons a week. We have 5 baptismal dates, not this week but next so I’m pumped! This week we taught to the same families as last week so that didn’t change. My language is still so hard like so hard. I think I start to get it then nope... but whatever. It will come I hope! Well everyone is celebrating Christmas and it makes me miss home a lot, like just missing the family and seeing temple square for conference was like wow I miss that place its all so clean and white ahhhh:) but one day... right?? Seems like I’m never coming home!! But I’m trying not to focus on that:) the people here are great I don’t have much time but that’s about it today! I love you sorry for the short email we are not at home!! I love you!!

Elder Cuillard

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