Monday, October 6, 2014

October 5, 2014

Hey so this week has been a lot better, there are still a lot of things that are just like woahhh what the heck, but things have been getting better. So this week I experienced my first earthquake. That scared the living crap out of me. We were teaching and in the middle of the lesson and I thought I was going crazy like maybe dehydrated or something?  It was weird! But then I was like  everything is moving and the members all ran outside and my comp and I were just sitting there like well now what!! hahah I was like well elder ,that would be my first linog meaning earthquake. But it was funny. Every night Elder Schaffer and I make fruit smoothies and popcorn. It gets me through the day and we found a place that makes cookies and cream shakes so we have bro dates there, for lunch sometimes. We are still doing p 90 x at 5:30 every morning it keeps me sane! hahaha its hard.. but I like it. We have to be up at 6:30 we get up at 5:30 to workout. We then shower and eat then we study honestly I study the pmg lessons and try to think of things I can say in Illongo for the lessons that day then we have comp study where we practice teaching where my companion helps me say things correctly and why its said the way it is. Then we make lunch and we go out to appts. and tract every night I read the scriptures and I am reading about the Savior and his attributes. I read about patience a lot. Each lesson is totally different we litteraly study and go where the spirit directs. Like sometimes we plan a lesson and it totally goes the other way! 
   Well this week we have been teaching  the Valdarama family and they are really progressing they have a teenager named JP and him and I are tight. He speaks a little English and he helps me with Illongo. His family is a part member family they are awesome. They all have baptismal dates so thats awesome. The youngest daughter is hilarious she always asks me questions. I have no idea what she is saying so she tries to help me out. Nyny the grandma is hilarious, everyone who is older you say Nyny to and you bless them. You grab their hand and touch it to your forehead. But they are awesome I’m pumped to see JP baptize them. We also teach a sister named Christine who happens to find my comp very attractive so we always have to have me sit by her and its a little awkward.. hahaha but besides that, she is actually really interested. She was a very strong catholic and we are actually going to her church today.. I’m actually pumped because the building is so old and cool looking. But I hate it at the same time because they play bells for an hour at 4 am every morning! I might just have to have a word with that pope today.. haha!  But she will be baptized. We gave her a date sat night, and we were soaking wet and had mud all over us because we had  two lessons by the river and it was sooo muddy and the rain was nuts… it was so fun!  We had been working for probably 6 hours straight non stop. 
So I was tired but I also that night taught the Castanios family and had my first real convo for about 30 mins the language is still (buudly gid) hard very hard. But I didn’t even realize it till Elder Schaffer was like bro nice job you killed it. We are actually way tight we cook some boss food. I taught mission prep yesterday, there were 7 youth that came. It was good.! There is also this slight possibility that I will be training after this transfer which would be hard. I’m supposed to be with my trainer but Pres. was hinting it a lot to me this last week when I met with him. After we met with him,  we went to a place called rainbows, it has pretzels and I was so happy to have some somewhat regular food. But its still hard I don’t know why,  but there are a ton of cockroaches all over our house! But whatever... anyways I love you and can’t wait for conference next week.!! Have an amazing week
Also thank you for all the emails. I am sorry if I don’t email back i am so grateful for you all they really helped me.!!

Love, Elder Cuillard

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