Monday, February 2, 2015

February 1 2015

Hey! So this week has been way long like I don't know why but SO long for me. There is this huge festival for a stupid saint and EVERYONE and there dog has been planning for it and we got punted a ton this week! And we only had 30 members at church, out of about 100! Our branch pres was ticked and the speakers didnt show up so I  was asked to speak so I spoke about the importance of feeling the Holy Ghost and that if we want to feel that EVERYDAY we need to read our scriptures that's the way. If we spend time studying not reading, we will be blessed with the gift of the spirit. Then I got called this morning and I am giving the ZONE training tomorrow on the importance of WEEKLY planning. I'm so nervous but it will be good. I'm going to throw down! I think president is going to be there so i am way excited. Well we also blessed this nyny (grandma) this week who was way sick and she started crying saying that she was so greatful for us. It was way nice! We also have a baptism not this sat but the 14 valentines day:) Well I'm way pumped he's the last one of the family to get baptized He's only 9 but he used to hate the missionaries and now he loves me his dad is NEVER home becasue of work and so every time I am at his house he sits on my lap and makes me put my arms around him. It's awesome! I love the kid!!  But other than that ,one nasty thing, a lady showed me the baby she miscaraged this week and asked me if it was going to be saved and wanted me to bless it. I almost threw up!!  But we talked about Moroni 9 or 8 about babies and baptism and it was awesome! Well thats about all this week!!
Love you all! 

Elder Cuillard

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