Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Feb 15, 2015

Hey this week was a good week I felt like it was long but it was good! I started this week with trainers and trainees meeting and it was a great meeting then I slept over there in the office and had DLC meeting for the district leaders and it was way good. As well, we had trainings about how we could be better and I  feel like I have a ton to improve on but I am trying my best! We also had a baptism this week for Emedio so literally I came home Thursday night and Friday prepared the church and stuff for that and then Sat we had the baptism. We were trying to get some investigators to come but they were all gone. So it was suppose to start at 3 and it didn't even start till 4:30. I was a little upset.. I was like hey you guys always get on us for helping the branch grow but when we have a baptism it's late! There is no order and stuff so I was a little upset! I wanted it to be special for him I think it still was but still. Then I spoke yesterday becasue of course they didn't plan ahead again. And so I spoke on fulfilling our callings and I compared it to when Simon Peter gets asked 3 times if he loves the Savior and then he says feed my sheep. and I said how do we feed his sheep? It's by remembering that we love the Savior and when we have a calling its not to President it's to the Lord and it's not a one day thing. I explained that we don't need to go fishing and stuff , we need to help others by our callings and doing them with all our heart might mind and strength. But that's about it. I miss you all and love you all hope you are all doing great:)
Love Elder Cuillard

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