Monday, February 16, 2015

Feb 11, 2015

So this week has been a great week, the time is flying by this week and I am loving the people that are in my house right now. We have Elder Wright and then Elder Mateale, he is tongan and he is hilarious! We get along so good. HaHa So let's see this Sat we have a baptism for my little homie Emedio Saratao this will be the second family member in this family and the last one that needed to be baptized.  I have been privileged to teach them. It's been awesome. So this Sat we will have his baptism and I am way excited! He asked me to baptize him but I asked if my bata or my "son" could do it for me and I would confirm him, so thats the plan:) I am way excited. It will be way cool. So funny story so the other two elders in this house are not good at the language at all!! So I have been going on splits a little bit to help them out and so we go to this investigator that they have right and they have been teaching these two sisters for like a month, and I go over there right, and teach them with Elder Wright on Sat and well I gave her a date right and she was like yes!!  Then I said sister if you want to be baptized you need to attend church and have us finish teaching you and she was like okay perfect !! And she came to church and when she came yesterday she asked me if I would baptize her!!  haha and I was like well sure so her date is March 7 which is right after my transfer date so we might have it a little early so I will end my area with a baptism. That would be sweet and that would be 10 in my first area!! But let's see what else, we have gotten a couple referrals from some members that are ready to hear the gospel they are totally perfect so we will see how that goes. I also gave two baptismal interviews last week and it was really cool.  One man had been a part of some really messed up things and it was the first time I cried on my mission like spiritually. Like its hard for me to when I am speaking the language idk its weird. I  used to cry a ton but anyways I lost it!  I always ask at the end to have them bare their testimonies for me and I fast that day to hopefully feel the spirit and this man was ready and after all that he had done and stuff it was seriously pure love I had for this man. I hugged him after and said brother,  I know the lord loves and knows you and you are ready. Then he started crying!  It was a super sweet moment. But anyways that is about it. The thing is my language is getting better but my English is getting terrible. I also got your package this week mom:) Thank you so much. Thank you all for all you do for me and I love you all. The church is true. And keep striving to be happy:) Elder Cuillard=

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