Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February 22 2015

Well this week was super LONG. I feel like it was a full month crammed into one week. So Monday we played some basketball against these guys I dunked on them which made them go crazy. hahah but like we got whooped, like they killed us. they are these fat dudes too like I think it was the first time on my mission I felt the same feeling hunter and i did after getting whooped by dad and Joe in basketball before the mission. ha to make it worse Joe was in his pants. haha. but whatever it was nice to sweat a little for sure. then Tuesday I went on splits with elder Wright the other elder in my house he is not good at the language and I’m not saying I am but I am better than him for sure. So I went with him one family yelled at us and told us to leave and the guy kind of got in my grill and I was like um dude give me some space haha. like actually i was a little upset but like the weirdest thing is i felt bad for them like legit i felt bad for them.. the people here are not very educated so its hard sometimes because they don’t know how to read and so they believe everything the catholic priest says, its just sad that they have closed their minds so much not even to experiment on what we have to share ya know? But we finished that day off with a great lesson so that was really nice we taught about the importance of baptism. Everyone says elder why do I need to be baptized again I already was, so the first thing I say is bro or sis I have an example from our savior. The savior walked 3 days to the river Jordan to be baptized by john the Baptist why? They always say well he had authority and I am like yes exactly. haaha but how many people in Jerusalem said they could baptize as well? idk it opens them up real nicely for the priesthood stuff like that. But it was a great lesson. So let’s see wends we were at the house all day my comp was sick and so was I we ate something and were out for the count so that day we studied slept and filled out area books. the next day we had a check of the area books and stuff ours was way nice:) I had an interview with president honestly it wasn’t really that great but I talked to him about our branch and how I could help them that’s about it then this week was stake conference. so he spoke right and guess what he invited me up during the priesthood session to give a little training on how to help newly converted members become lasting converts and I’m not going to lie I did well, the spirit was totally helping me. Then the next day Sunday we had like the Sunday meeting and we had 4 investigators there, it was awesome! One started crying because she felt the spirit I was way happy about it. So that’s about all for the week it was good just way long:) I miss you all and hope you have a great week the church is true and the lord loves us, have a great week:) Love Elder Cuillard

The picture is Chase with his mission President.

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