Tuesday, December 16, 2014

December 14 2014

Hey guys! Well this week has been great until yesterday! Thus far yesterday
was the hardest day I have had for sure, because my companion is going
home! Seriously it’s so hard for me because he was like an older brother for
me and besides that, I was literally reliant on him for the lessons and
everything. Yesterday I taught my first two lessons alone with the brand new
Elder, Elder Wight.  We went on splits and they had appointments and the only
members that could work are way out by their appointments. So Elder Silvano
went with him and I went with Elder Wright who is not good at the language
at all. Seriously you want me to be honest it was TERRRIBLE!!! I seriously
made no sense! The first lesson I reviewed the baptism questions so it wasn't
bad, I just read them... then the next lesson was a disaster. There are two recent
converts and then there are 5 new investigators and so I tried to teach
about Joseph Smith and praying to know, it was awful! I left and just lost it!!
Seriously I had NO idea what they were saying, no clue. And the saddest part
is that I study like every day and its still this hard.  But I was so
nervous I was sweating and I don't get like that but here I do!  I don’t know why I am! Just know it was rough and the mission President said I might be training and I don’t know what I will do. I had the strongest prayer I've had in my life last night just pleading for help... well honestly Elder Shaffer and I had dinner appointments everyday this week! That was solid! I was pumped people never have money so we would always eat by ourselves! But we also just had a good last week together like I kind of felt like I lost a brother! I love him! He was the best trainer a kid could ask for! But what I learned from Elder Shaffer.
1. Everything will be fine.
2. That you need to be patient and not get upset at little things and try to
look for little achievements.
3. How to teach.
4. To be a hard missionary but to also have fun to where the investigators
love you and want you over.
5. That the mission is hard! Embrace the hard. He gave me some throw downs
when I needed them and I'm glad he did!
 We had our Christmas party this week.  It was Elder Shaffer and I who
conducted. It was fun and there was a ton of people there!! Then we had a ton of
Christmas parties for families this week because Elder Shaffer was going
home. This week was way busy. Two days were cut out because of the Christmas party!! But that's about it.  Please pray for me it’s going to be a rough
little while I'm sure but I am just praying I can find a way to get the
Lords work done!
Love Elder Cuillard

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