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November 30 2014 Happy Thanksgiving

November 30, 2014
Hey family and friends,
Well this week was a great week with a lot of different experiences. I had my first Thanksgiving away from home so obviously that was hard for me, but I’ll tell you about what we did. We made a big dinner and then sat around the table and talked about what we were grateful for. There is a lot to be grateful for but all I could think about was the fact that I have an amazing family and amazing friends! I started crying as I told the other Elders in the room that I was grateful for you guys and the life I was blessed to have! It was by far the hardest day here. I felt really lonely! But it’s all good! It kind of just passed and we left the house and went to work. There has been a ton of thoughts that have crossed my mind this week. I have been really trying to figure out why I am here in the Philippines. At times I don't feel like I am doing a whole ton to help people and I feel like my talents with people are just not here any more and the things that I was good at I feel like are my biggest weaknesses now and sometimes I wonder why its so hard for me and I get really frustrated. I feel like I just want to help so bad and I don’t feel like I am. But I have been really trying to just focus on the good things but I feel like it’s been hard! But it’s made me realize how grateful I am for the ability I have to communicate with people from home so easily. I thought that the things I would miss the most would be other things, but I literally just miss being able to sit and understand what someone’s saying. There are times I understand then I feel like it goes away very fast. 
 On the other side of things I gave two baptismal dates out it took me like 2 weeks to memorize what to say. But I did that! We have about 5 dates for Christmas baptisms so that will be awesome! We also moved a house this last week by hand we lifted it up and moved it... HAHA! Only in the Philippines would you literally lift a house up by bamboo and lift it to a new location. Also this week went down for the worst food I have eaten yet. It was pig blood and intestines. It was nasty.:) I was shocked they like were playing in the blood then just dumped it all in the food. I thought intestines were bad HAHA nope! HAHA but that was my week this week we taught those investigators who have dates this week that’s about it! They are ready its just reviewing but they live so far from each other its hard to find time. I have been reading Jesus the Christ at the moment it’s a great book! I have been trying to become the kind of person who knows Christ and questions that have been in my mind all week and its this when I leave this earth one day will I know my Savior when I meet him? Will I know him and who he is and his attributes and if I want to be his servant I better know who I’m serving right? So I have been focusing on that and the lessons for study time but that’s about it I love you all and hope you have a great week:) 

Love Elder Cuillard

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