Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Typhoon?? December 7 2014

Hey so this week has been a pretty nuts week. We started this week with just teaching our soon to be recent converts who will be baptized on christmas! Their names are Jay ee Reese, Joana Mae and Medjio Saratou Reignneir, Sister Josephine and Joaan. so I am way pumped for that.  But i am way sad Elder Schafffer leaves in 9 days. I sometimes feel like I'm just coming right with him hahaha but idk we literally are just reviewing for there baptisms because they are getting so close.  They also made a huge deal out of the typhoon that was suppose to hit us way hard and it was like an average day in Utah and they wouldn't let us work yesterday.  So we had our own sacrament at the house and watched the testaments and some other church movies and stuff all day.   Yesterday it was the longest day of my life!! hahaha I wrote the family a letter though!  But literally this week was way boring, we helped people from Wednesday to Saturday tie down stuff and just little stuff like that, it wasnt to bad though.  We were just moving trying to help people this week prepare!! Other than that, that was our week! It' s our sm day today so I am in illoilo city.  We get to go to the mall thing today to go walk around I'm way pumped:) But also thank you to Tiffinany and Jax! I got their package and thank you to The Lamar Smith Family they are awesome tell them that I love them for all the letters from them!!!  Tell Lamar  I wont bring home a Filipina, I promise:) 
 Love Elder Cuillard 

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