Monday, March 16, 2015

March 15 2015- Transferred!

Hello everyone! Ok so crazy week I received a call Thursday morning that I was NOT being
transferred, I was like what? So I unpacked everything that I had already
packed. Then I get a call at 12 from the ap's telling me that I am going to
be transferred. They said Elder you are being transferred and you are going
to be a zone leader. I was like okay I will be there so I had to hurry and
re pack EVERYTHING again. So I'm the new zone leader of Oton which is the name of my new area and it is 20 minutes away from the mission home.

and they speak a ton of a different languages and I'll be honest I am totally struggling.
It'ss like I'm a brand new missionary starting all over again. But like I
guess it's what I need.  I feel like this mission has been a never endless
journey of trials. My new companion is Elder Silvano and he was a trainer to
one of my elders that we lived with before I was transferred here.
The good thing about being a zone leader is I have had no time to do anything like
the last 3 days have been 10 hours the first day then two 11 hour work days!
When I left I made my nyny cry and like my other two favorite families I
also cried like sharing my testimony with them and stuff!  I just lost it. I
miss my nyny and she was like you need to stop by before you go home so she
can cook for me and I was like nyny you don't need to do that. She is so
poor they live under candle light and stuff but love them so much:)

So in my new area yeah I have investigators on the ocean like legit the
beach. The branch is nice. I spoke yesterday and the branch president is 21
years old! Crazy but the meeting house is way nice and the members are AWESOME.
Also there are 5 sisters who are best friends who work with us all the time
and they know how to teach like legit know how so they have been with us
which has been a huge help to have people who know what they are doing. Okay
I think I will love this area I'm just stressed about the language (Tagolog)
I feel like the Lord is trying to teach me patience because that's always
been the hardest thing for me and every day there is a new challenge. Hope you all have
a great week.
Love Elder Cuillard

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