Monday, March 2, 2015

March 1 2015

Well this week has been good idk whats going on with the world clock but like the last couple weeks have gone by forever! haha but its good! So the girl in the picture will be baptised this sat. and I will be doing the honors! So the last weekend in my area I will have a baptism. So I am way excited:) Her name is Angel. She's not even in my area but I go on splits every other day because the other two elders CANNOT speak to save their lives!  SoI work in there area as the district leader I have been running two areas this last transfer. So I've been way busy but we always taught this girl so and the first time I taught her I gave her a date and she is just way pumped. She lives with like her friends because her parents work like 4 hours away so she is always alone. So the young woman in the area have totally taken her in and it's been awesome! So there's that. This week I took one day off and studied a lot because my back was killing me. The other picture is me on a Caribou:) There are white ones and black ones and they were joking with me saying hahah its a "cono" like you! That means like an American. So they made me ride the white one!  But let's see, well we dropped a ton of investigators this last well who were not progressing so that was great. NOT. I hate starting over. So this week we will be doing a lot of finding trying to leave my "bata" or my kid in the mission some good investigators before I leave. I have been super blessed in this area for sure and I am super glad to have had the opportunity to serve here. I have learned so many things from these people. I think this is the first time it's actually set in that I am probably never going to see these people ever again. So this week I want to have a couple dinners with some families before I leave! Like my NyNy(grandma) and some others, so that will be nice! But that's about it this week!! I love you all and hope you are all doing great miss you guys!
Love, Elder Cuillard

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