Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year!!! Jan 5 2015

Well this week has been super crazy! It went by way fast! Honestly we had the hardest time teaching lessons this week though. Here, fireworks are like the thing, but they are not even fireworks they are like weak but they love them. Anyways so New Years is WAY BIGGER than Christmas! So literally every one goes hard for the three days before making food and stuff so here like during holidays everyone makes food and like it doesn’t matter if you know the person or not you just go into there house and eat. And if you can only imagine everyone and there dog wants to talk to the white kid. HAHA so we ate sooo much! That was it for the first part of the week. Then Thursday everyone was hung over big time so like literally we got punted all day. No lessons. Then Friday we finally got back into the groove. So sister Sebastian a recent convert, her cousins are all Baptist and they had a bible study and they were all bagging on her for being Mormon right. So we decided to join! All 4 of us and we schooled all there questions. Like I used the bible all over them. They had nothing to say. Then I said how about tomorrow we meet at Sister Sebastian’s house and I will show you why we know your answers. So yesterday we taught them the restoration and the spirit was so strong!! I loved it! Finally Elder and I are starting to click in our teaching he’s getting a lot better:) we had a talk and it was way cool. I told him it bugs me but if he asks before he takes I will be all right! So it’s been good. Soooo I also killed a chicken the other day and it reminded me when bishop decided to have me help him kill those 20 something chickens!! And it scarred me. HAHAHA but then we ate it. HAHA. Oh so my birthday was wayyyy lame. I didn’t do anything! But its all good! I bought a monkey for myself yesterday. 10 bucks and a baby monkey is mine and we can’t keep it at our house so we are keeping it at pres house. It’s way nice. You can pet it and stuff its sweet! YUP who else can say they have and own a monkey:) but this week was good! That’s about it though!

Love Elder Cuillard

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