Friday, September 12, 2014

September 12 2014 MTC

September 12, 2014 MTC

In the picture above...That sign is like the COOOLESTTTT THING EVERRRR in sa Philippines! hahah and you say Kamusta!! meaning how are you? Then you do that, and say guapo gi hapon!  meaning still handsome :)
Hey so this week has been super crazy! I have been super busy!! First off I’m telling you all the story of how I got to pick up Big Hunt (AKA Hunter Apostolos) because that was the highlight of the week. Okay so I wasn’t suppose to host right, but that didn’t stop me. HA! But I didn’t go to gym that day:) HAHA! So Hunter came in at 12:30 and I had lunch at 12:10 so I like hurry and grab lunch right, and we had to do a comp switch to be able to not go to gym because Elder Paskett wanted to go out as well, so he shows up at 12:15 and the lines were so long!! So I gave him my food he pounded it down!! We ran out like literally running to go grab the notes I wrote Mom and Dad and then luckily I found Elder Hirsh (who is Hunters BF) because he was the one with the stickers and the second I grabbed the sticker we see him pull in! HAHA!  It was amazing.! I was so pumped we talked to him for like an hour before we took him to class because he was the only one there in his class so we talked to him he is doing well. UM, oh it was also so nice to hug Joe and Payslie!  It was like the closest thing to Mom and Dad I could get so it made me really happy! Anyways, the BYU game was last night ohh kill me now that was so hard!!!! You could hear the crowd the whole night and a ton of us went on a late night walk to the top of he residence to go watch some of it but we couldn’t really see it so we just talked! I am SUPER nervous for next week. HA! I have made the decision to just smile J and be happy because I am going to have NO CLUE what’s going on HAHAHA but whatever! But I’m super nervous!! I am going to miss my teachers Sis Whitehead and Bro Doan! They are so solid! I love them! Also all the guys that are here I’ve been saying bye to a ton of my good buddies from here like who I play ball with or whatever ya know? But it’s all good! The last day at the Temple was today! That was weird, we stayed a little longer but the names we did are on the way! Mom, your letter is coming too you might get it Monday but It’s for your birthday!!  Anyways that’s about it thus far. You’ll probably have a long email next week Ha. When I have a spider that is about as big as a frisbee all over my room. Literally not kidding. Ha oh boy I’m in for a treat. So you all know I LOVE AMERICA!! Thank you for all the letters and such and I hope you all have a great week!! 

These pictures are of the story from above! Elder Apostolos enters the MTC

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