Sunday, September 28, 2014

First Letter From The Philippines Sept 28 2014

Hey! First off I just wanted to thank those who fasted for me today I really appreciate it. I can use all the help I can get. So where do I even begin.. The first day I got here I was dripping sweat as I walked off the plane. My companion Elder Shaffer is awesome he is going home in December. He is super fluent in the language. So we are teaching like 12 families and we have 7 baptisms set for October 18th they are all super nice to me. But they know I have no clue what’s going on. Everyone here calls me Joe they say “hey Joe” “what’s your name Joe”? And so there’s that.
So let me tell you about my first night here in the field we taught Sister Sebastian she got baptized Saturday and that was good. It’s just us two in our area. There is no one else living with us just us two. So it’s a little city kind of, not really, and then tons of rice fields and jungle areas. The houses are all made from bamboo and tin some have electricity and some nothing. It gets dark around 5  and the bugs come out and destroy the living crap out of me!! There are bugs everywhere! Rats in my house, spiders the size of my hand. Its FILTHY here! I feel like Kolipoke from the movie The Other Side of Heaven.
  So the first night we go to a member’s home and they feed us. It was a fish just sitting on the table, like 15 fish!! yup whole body scales head everything!! And then rice. They pray and then we eat it with our hands… yup the whole fish gone. How I kept it down no one knows I was just praying that I could keep it down. Then we rode a little motorcycle with three dudes on the back the 20 min to our house. There are huge toads here it’s weird.
  The second night we are teaching this little family and the 7 year old just drops a nice poop on the floor they threw some ash on it and that was that! I was trying not to laugh hahaha!! But then in church yesterday…yesterday was awful! I had to speak... I tried my best and the people looked at me like I had no clue what I said. I go to sit down and the branch president says, nice try I couldn’t understand what you said. It took me like an hour and a half to prepare what I said. And so I lost it and went to the bathroom which is outside, and cried and I just prayed and asked God why I am here. But its all good then I walked back in and we closed.
We had a lesson last night with a lady and she just whips out her boob and feeds her child! I guess that’s not bad here. Guys this is nuts! I have no clue why I am here… I have lost a TON of weight. My stomach hurts like all the time and the food is gross. I don’t know, I’m trying to be happy but I feel like that third wheel friend who shows up to the party and nobody talks to him. Or they try and I have no idea what’s going on and it makes me feel bad because the comp my comp had before me was unreal they did work here so they all just ask about him… We are teaching a lady named Christine she is nice she’s catholic and came to church yesterday and some member said catholic’s are going to hell... so that wasn’t good... so we taught her last night and cleared some things up. Other than that, life is not at all like home. I’m trying to forget, but it’s hard, like way hard. But that’s about it. I love you all and miss you all so much.
Elder Cuillard

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